HED 582 Streamline

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Съвременна технология акустомагнитна система против кражби, осигуряваща отлична ефективност и стабилност при нормални условия.
Обхват:  за етикети: 1.6 м;  за тагове: 2.6 м
Интегрирана светлинна и звукова индикация
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Пълно описание:

  DR Soft label: 1.6m Super pencil tag: 2.6m Material: ABS Frequency: 58KHz Dimension:1510x360x100mm Weight: 5KGS/PC Advanced digital signal processor, strong anti-interference Multi-channel detection technique, reducing the tag blind spots and improve detection range and efficiency, LED multi-function the whole process shows The AGC technology makes the product much easier to install and debug It has high sensitivity and can be adjusted according to the market Beautiful appearance, cheap price, light weight, apply for shopping centers, supermarkets , cosmetics stores, drug chains and other public places

HED 582 Streamline

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